Music Hacking Meetup

If you told me that by the end of Women Who Code NYC’s very first Music + Wearables Workshop that I would be playing the piano with cups of water, I would think you were crazy! And then it happened…


Stefania [l] and Nancy [r]

Once we all settled in and grabbed our share of pizza at the Hook and Loop’s NYC office, Stefania Druga and Nancy Otero gave us an introduction to Arduino, an “open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software [that’s] intended for anyone making interactive projects.” In a nutshell, you can program the Arduino microcontroller to mapping any conductive material (i.e. your skin, water,  coil tape) to render a particular sound. Here is one of my favorite examples of a guy who created a guitar out of old drum pads, some softpot ribbon potentiometers, and a sparkFun joystick shield.

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