How to Measure UX

Let’s say you are on a team that needs to create a better user experience – you come up with some changes, get support from your stakeholders, and deploy. What happens next? Was the UX really improved? Can you justify to your stakeholders that you did your job?

Without credible UX success measurements, we all risk not being able to quantify our success.  Without credible UX success measurements, we are unable to align our efforts to an organization’s business objectives and desired outcomes. This often results in UX efforts becoming very unfocused, undefined and easily changed on a whim. Basically, you’re left having to tell a very subjective story of your UX success or failures, which unfortunately, could lead to you and your team being very exposed. – Mark Disciullo, User Experience Strategist and Designer

In order to quantify the progress (if any) was made, your team should be conducting iterative studies and tests throughout the development of your app/site. Before conducting any study, it is necessary to define 1) the goals you want to reach and 2) the metrics you want to track.

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