One ring to rule them all!

Check out the video below and then look at me and tell me that you don’t want one. I can’t say it either – because how cool is this?? It’s basically turning our index fingers into “magic wands”, just like our childhood self’s fantasy.

But this isn’t the first try that Bluetooth technology has been inserted into a ring. More than 3 years ago, the Hybra Orb was introduced. This baby notifies the wearer of incoming calls, text messages, and meeting reminders, not to mention that it’s waterproof. So why didn’t it take off? According to, the company stopped having a social presence and likely ran out of funding.

So what makes Ring different? I think that this might be the right time for a Bluetooth ring. There is a much bigger push towards more hands-free, interactive experience with your TVs, cars, and everyday tasks like turning a light on and off. I don’t think that the technology was consumer-ready when the Orb came out, but the ring might have snatched the golden moment.

Perhaps this can wipe out remotes completely? I can’t wait to see where this goes! What do you think? Will we all be wearing Bluetooth rings to change the lights on and off?