Top 3 Talks at UX Conference “Make Stuff That Works”: Part 3

“How To Go Viral” by Ida Jackson

Who doesn’t want to know the secrets of what makes content go viral? Ida Jackson, a content specialist at Netlife Research, uses the power of research and analytics (along with colleague Ida Aalen, to uncover the real truth about what goes viral in social media. Ida helps answer this fascinating question as the final talk for the #makestuffthatworks popup conference in Brooklyn.

Credit card company vs Burrito Cat?

Who do you think would get more attention? Every company seems to be wanting to go viral, but Ida kindly reminds us that going viral tends to be all about emotions! Not subtle emotions that are kept quiet, but rather the very strong emotions, such as hilarity, inspiration, astonishment, and exhilaration. The catch is that viral content can be for both very positive strong emotions, and oppositely, very negative strong emotions.

A subset of positive and negative emotions share one factor: blood-pumping, heart-racing arousal. High-arousal emotions include awe and anger, while low-arousal emotions include sadness and disgust.

The one emotion that outpaced anger in Berger’s study was awe, the feelings of wonder and excitement that come from encountering great beauty or knowledge, such as a news report of an important discovery in the fight against cancer. “Awe gets our hearts racing and our blood pumping,” Berger says. “This increases our desire for emotional connection and drives us to share.”
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