Interaction Design 101

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What is Interaction Design?

Ever used a mobile app and felt like you figured out how to use it within the first couple of minutes? When you went on the Twitter app and pressed the box to type something, did a keyboard popup so seamlessly that you didn’t even notice there may have been some other interaction? Ever pressed a button expecting one action, but got another?

Interaction design (IxD) is the process for creating logical and thought out interfaces. It helps users easily learn and use the interface in an engaging and intuitive way to prevent unnecessary roadblocks when the user is trying to complete a task. IxD is one of many segments (i.e. Information Architecture, UX Research) that make the UX field. Having intuitive interaction design in your site, app, or whatever interface you may be designing, is a crucial element for delivering a positive user experience.

IxD Concepts: The Basics

UX Booth came out with an awesome article in 2009, “Complete Beginners Guide To Interaction Design”, about the┬átop concepts that interaction designers use to drive their work forward:

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