The Watch and the “Wearables” Revolution

There is no denying that Apple has a major influence on how technology is incorporated in our lives. First, the smartphone, then the tablet, now the Watch. The amount of data being collected is only growing exponentially. The Watch looks cool – but at a price tag of $350+, this isn’t a toy for everybody yet. How long do you think it will take until we becomes used to seeing smart Watches on the wrists of our family and friends? I say probably somewhere between the Watch 2 and the Watch 3 (similar to the iPhone). Hopefully Apple decides to slash the prices after the first version gets kicked off.

There is no denial that the data collection they will hoard is incredibly huge – and only exponentially growing. “Wearables” are collecting data on the steps we take, the food we eat, our location, and even our heart beat. The list will only keep growing – as do the potentials. We (well, more like Apple and Google) will know more about the average human behavior than ever before.

Google attempted to kick off the Wearables with Google Glass but never managed to make it sexy (or affordable) enough. Fitbit, on the other hand, has done an incredible job reaching the masses. You can make it as visible or invisible as you want – though perhaps still hasn’t nailed down the “cool” factor. That is where Apple is beating out the competition. People are looking at it and thinking that it’s cool, sexy, and fashionable.

Now that’s a statement. China’s Vogue featured the model Liu Wen on the cover of their November issue. I’m happy to see technology starting to be embedded into fashion – it is, after all, the inevitable way of the future.

What are your thoughts about Apple Watch and the future of Wearables? 

Additional photos from Vogue:



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