Drive – The Secret to Success?

It used to be all about the school you went to and the money you had. I’m not saying this isn’t the case anymore, but it is most definitely a different version of the case. Today, anyone really can do anything if they put in the energy to do it. As I was doing my daily scan on Hackernews, I came across two particularly amusing articles:

  1. Becoming a Pop Star with Zero Experience
  2. I’m Not Zuckerberg

What do these two posts have in common? They are written by two guys who were driven by their own will to make a “ripple” in our society, and they use social media and blogs to do it. Making it onto Hackernews itself is quite the accomplishment. I am sure Smit Patel has a bright future ahead of him because he is the typical Silicon Valley star – young, entrepreneurial, and driven (surprise surprise).

So is this the general recipe for a bright future? The realization to take matters into your own hands, the realization that you do have the power to create a “ripple” if you want to? This pattern is becoming apparent, and can empower many kids who would have never gotten the opportunity 20 or 30 years ago where their presence on the internet was not as nearly as influential.

A more “small-town” story to me are two of my former classmates from university. Both with great social saavy and plenty of drive to be successful, they built their company, goodnights, from scratch and are making their “ripple” in the ticket-selling/guestlist industry.

One of my biggest inspirations, Dave Grohl, seems to have figured the secret to his success out a long time ago. He took his future into his own hands, and he decided to control what he wanted to become. His keynote speech in this year’s SXSW festival could not prove it more:

Are you driven enough to get yourself to where you want to be?


3 thoughts on “Drive – The Secret to Success?

    • You’re welcome. I think you are definitely on the right path :). You remind me of one of my good (and brilliant) friend I met while working at Microsoft who now lives in SF working at an up-and-coming startup. All the best!

      PS: small correction – I am a chick, not a dude :). Cheers!

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